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Awesome! Thank you for digging my music! Within this Music Fan Tier you will be privy to 12 music tracks a year. With your support we will be able to produce the music and grow the studio! 
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Great! Next Level!! As a Super Fan you will receive all the above PLUS: discounts on Merch, Resources, and Music Compilations. 

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This is where it starts getting fun! All the above PLUS: A back Stage Pass to any live concert and privy to all online gigs, concerts, and first peak to new merch and special events. 

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You encourage me! This Fan Tier is truly dear to my heart because you are committing to stand with us as we grow the studio and develop more music and new artists. You are commiting to the vision in being more than just a fan of the music, you are joining us in investing the longterm vision of EM Records.

​All the Above! PLUS: As we begin development of new music you will be the first sounding board for our new song ideas.

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WOW! Thank you! I want to offer you a free T-shirt right now - in the comment when you sign up please give us your address, t-shirt size and which shirt you desire. 

Ok! Now the cool stuff in this Fan Tier. ALL THE ABOVE !!! PLUS:
​You are going to get a glimpse of the new music in an online premiere event concert, behind the scenes videos in the studio and get a chance to walk the music production process out with us. 

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